Powerful, Simple, Friendly Decentralized Project.

An ecosystem for development of fair crypto products for the UnixDefi community of crypto enthusiasts. The Network is completely tokenized and made of 4 different communities who contribute their skills in project developments. An opportunity for a Newbie and Expert to enter the era of DeFi earnings.

UNX Defi Pre-sale is Not Live Yet Max Supply 100M
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Be a part of UnixDefi Network with powerful token, Payable and Tradable

UNX DeFi Token

100M Total Supply


Current Value 0.0005 ETH(Round 1 Price)
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Will be listed on
  • Balancer Balancer
  • HotBit HotBit
  • Sushiswap Sushiswap
  • Uniswap Uniswap
  • Curve Finance Latoken
  • Binance Binance
  • Curve Finance Curve Finance
  • 1inch Exchange 1inch Exchange
  • Kyber Network Kyber Network
  • P2Pb2b Exchange P2Pb2b Exchange

UnixDefi Crypto Swap

Cryptocurrency exchange that allows to swap BTC and altcoins in an easy way. UnixDefi supports 300+ cryptocurrencies. Make Bitcoin to Ethereum, Litecoin crypto exchanges at the best rates!

UnixDefi Markets

Watch and Track Details and live reports of Defi tokens. Live Price, Graphs, Available exchanges, links and more.

UnixDefi Upcoming Project

Fair Crypto products developed by the UnixDefi Experts with 8+ years of industry experience.

The UnixDefi Network Community

An open-source administrative Body of UnixDefi Network that consists of top contributors with authority to make decisions, perform basic operations, or develop DApps as per the community standards.

February 3, 2017


Front-end Developers and UX/UX designers who contribute their skills to build UnixDefi Network Defi Modules. Work under a pool environment with contributions all recorded individually.

February 3, 2017
Media & Authors

Media & Authors

Right from creating rich content in text, images, and AV form to promoting it over Social media, blogs, forums, Visual platforms, and Podcasts, these Media contributors play an important role.

February 3, 2017


This is for the active Investors who will buy the UnixDefi token , hold it, or exchange it over different wallets and exchange to enjoy the leverages of token price and other DeFi products.

February 3, 2017


They Promote platforms to connections over different social platforms and create great impact on ground-level authority of projects by educating people to understand UnixDefi Network.


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